Steps you can take to prevent the growth of mold


Steps you can take to prevent the growth of mold

A little goes a long with with mold prevention

Small steps today, to keep the pest at bay!

Mold is a vicarious destroyer of property value. More importantly, once homeowners allow their property to be infested with mold, chances are that extra care and vigilance will be needed for years to come, in order to prevent it from making a comeback. The best play therefore is proactive prevention!

Here are a few steps that you can follow in order to prevent the growth of mold in your home.

  1. Humidity control

Mold thrives when the humidity levels are high in the home. The most common sources of humidity are moisture and leakage caused from within, and crevices and cracks that let in moisture from outside. Make sure you monitor the humidity levels in the house frequently, never allowing it to get above 55% – the ideal comfort zone for mold growth.

  1. General cleaning

mopping-up-floor-cleaningThis is one step that doesn’t need repeating, but it’s worth repeating anyway: Clean your home regularly. And once you think you’ve cleaned up – do some more cleaning! A spotless, clean environment is your best defense against mold. While it’s easy to clean visible surfaces, to prevent mold from establishing a foothold inside your home, you need to clean in hard to reach (or see) areas:

  • Behind furniture
  • Under curtains and drapes
  • On the ceiling
  • On windowsills
  • In basements and crawlspaces

Wherever you think dust and mites may take hold, that’s where you need to go with your mop, vacuum and bathroom cleaner.

  1. Deprive mold of a habitat

Mold loves to get cosy in carpets and other fixed installations like floorboards. If a particular area of your home is susceptible to moisture, like the basement or kitchen, avoid wall-to-wall carpeting. Instead, use area rugs that can be lifted off regularly, and cleaned and washed frequently.

  1. Don’t be a packrat!

Collecting old newspapers and books, and piling up old clothes and linen for days before they are washed – especially when damp or wet, is an ideal invitation for mold to come join the family! Don’t wait for Spring to get rid of clutter. Do it as part of your regular house-cleaning effort. The longer that things (especially dirty, moist ones!) lay undisturbed in the house, the greater likelihood they will attract mold.

  1. Fix leaks immediately

If you notice a leaking pipe or bathroom sink, fix it immediately! The longer that these leaks are allowed to remain unchecked, the greater will be the moisture and humidity in the house from them. FACT: It is often less costly to fix a leak than to remediate mold caused from such leaks!

  1. Breath of fresh air

Whenever possible, open windows and doors to let in sunshine and fresh air into the house. The dry, crisp outside air will help kill indoor moisture, while the open windows will help indoor moisture escape outside. Also, don’t hesitate to use your exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens to hasten the exit of indoor moisture.  The ventilation helps to reduce the moisture.

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