Identifying Mold & Mildew In your House


Identifying Mold & Mildew In your House

Quickly Identifying And Remediation Mold in Your Home

Mold causes the deterioration of organic matter. Dampness creates ideal conditions for mold, and it feeds off of organic materials such as drywall, wood or cloth. After water damage has occurred, mold can begin growing in as quickly as two days.
When you encounter mold, your ability to breathe properly should be your top concern. Mold can create health problems through the spores it releases into the air. These health issues include breathing difficulties allergic reactions, infections and more. You may be required to evacuate the area when the presence of mold becomes too much.

This means that standing water needs to be removed and cleaned up as soon as you notice it. This eliminates the ideal growing conditions that allow for mold to take root.

You should always hire a company that has undergone extensive training and is certified in IICRC-the most trusted certification for mold removal.

Their training includes the ability to:

– Determine where water is coming from
– Identify the presence of mold
– Ensure mold does not spread any further
– Remediate mold
– Utilize thorough drying techniques to ensure mold does not return
– Restore property or advise on methods necessary to do so

If you want to learn about this in person, our Tucson location is putting on a Mold Prevention Awareness Event.  Here’s the Lanyrd link for that too if you are interested.

Identifying the Mold

Mold has no set appearance and it can be any number of colors, including black, gray, white, green or pink.

One sure sign is visible identification of mold. But if the mold is unusual-looking you might not even realize what you are seeing. Mold can form in clusters or spots and it can grow in places you may not be able to see.

Determining the Presence of Mold

Our experts can find mold wherever it may be hiding. They know which signs to look for to determine if mold is present. These include:

– Visible signs of mold
– Musty odors
– Humid conditions
Symptoms of mold, including itchy eyes and runny nose
– Symptoms of a neurological nature, including dizziness and headaches
– Signs of long-term dampness
– Stained or discolored floors and walls
– Peeled paint and bubbling wallpaper
– Warped walls and bowed supports
– Damp surfaces

What Causes Mold?

Mold is likely growing in your home if you have moisture there. Many types of moisture problems can lead to mold growth. These include damp clothing, leaky pipes, roof leaks, a lack of ventilation, floods, water in the basement, and condensation.

See this video for a more comprehensive look at mold identification:

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