How to choose a great mold removal expert

How to choose a great mold removal expert

How to choose a great mold removal expert

Commonsense approach to getting the right help

If you are like the “average” homeowner, the minute you detect some Mold in your basement, you’ll probably bring out the mop and disinfectant and start scrubbing away. If you did, no one would fault you. That’s the “typical” reaction most homeowners have when they first discover the signs of mold.

The “typical” reaction is often not the right one though. Mold is tough, and doesn’t often go away easily. Mold is deadly, with even the slightest vibrations sending it airborne into your face and the rest of the house. And Mold is crafty, often just showing you its tail, while its mammoth body lay hidden out of site.

Time For The Pros

A tiny bit of Mold on a windowsill can easily be dealt with in the “typical” way. However, Mold on ceilings, inside walls and under the floor might need more serious attention. It’s time to bring in the pros! The question is: Whom should you call?

Here are some tips to help you choose a Mold removal expert who is right for the fight:

  • Certification & Qualification: While the home inspection industry is loosely regulated in the U.S., there are specific areas of mold removal expertise that homeowners can verify in prospective mold remediation experts. Ask for certification or accreditation from institutions such as the American Board of Industrial Hygiene or the American Council for Accredited Certification.
  • Reporting & Confirmation: A professional should have no problems sharing with you scientific evidence to back his/her findings. Before you engage a mold removal expert, ask whether he/she will be providing you formal laboratory reports on the air quality and surface samples from your home.
  • References and Testimonials: Lastly, but most importantly, make sure that the expert you hire has provided you with at least three reliable references from recently completed projects. To be reliable, the work should be substantially similar (or more extensive) to that involved with your home. Preferably, you should be able to visit the previous clients, or at minimum have extensive (ideally video) phone conversations with them.

If your “expert” cannot (or will not) provide these three minimum requirements, then you should look for someone else. 

Beyond the minimal

Homeowners would be wise to question an expert who offers “package pricing” if you engage his/her services for both Mold Detection and Mold Removal services. If it is Mold Detection that you require, then do not hire a Mold Remediation expert, and vice versa. To be truly unbiased, these two services should be offered by separate entities otherwise you might risk dealing with a conflict of interest situation.

Another important element in the selection process should be the nature of contract or engagement that you sign up for. Mold removal should be purely about removing mold, and nothing else. If your expert offers to sell you products or devices that will get rid of the problem, then you should probably look elsewhere!

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