How Much Does A Mold Inspection Cost?

How Much Does A Mold Inspection Cost?

The Cost of Mold Inspection, Remediation and Removal
You are pleased as punch with your brand new home. The location is fantastic, your
neighbors are wonderful, but there is just one niggling problem that could develop into
something bigger if left untreated – the presence of mold. You have tried all sorts of
home remedies to get rid of the mold, but it keeps on coming back like the irritating buzz
of a mosquito in a tent. It is time to pull out your smartphone and search for a list of
mold removal companies in the area so that they will be able to drop by and perform a
thorough inspection of the area.
Some mold removal companies will be able to provide a free consultation on the
situation of your property and advise you on the next step of action. The decision then
falls on you, the homeowner, as to whether to proceed with mold abatement or mold
mitigation procedures. Just in case you are new to the property ownership scene, here
are some ballpark figures as to the cost of mold inspection, remediation, and removal.
Mold Inspection Cost
The cost of a mold inspection is not fixed for a very obvious reason – homes come in all
kinds of shapes and sizes. The total cost of a mold inspection exercise will depend on
the property size, as well as the extent of the inspection exercise. One should also take
note that the overall number of mold samples taken will need to be factored into the final
cost. With everyone on the lookout for getting the most value for money, cost is an
important factor when selecting the right mold removal company, but there are also
other factors that should be taken into consideration. Quotations might start from as low
as $300, going all the way to $3,000 for larger sized property.
Of course, there will be certain mold removal companies that are more than happy to
send their consultants over to your home in order to perform a free mold inspection.
This might be part of their customer charter, but chances are their bread and butter
would be through mold mitigation and water damage cleanup. Hence, most free mold
inspections will probably end up with the identification of mold problems that will require
you to have them fix the situation for you. Otherwise, it would be difficult for such a
company to remain afloat if all they do is provide free mold inspections without attending
to any mold mitigation efforts.
Most mold inspections will require an assessment of the situation which could comprise
of a questionnaire that queries the building history, different kinds of symptoms noted by
the building’s occupants, a visual walk through and mold testing. Results will be
compiled and it is normally followed by a recommendation on the next step.
Mold Remediation Cost
Mold remediation, also known as mold treatment, points to an effort taken to correct an
existing mold issue within the affected building. The mold remediation cost will normally
comprise of resolving any current water problems that have encouraged mold growth,
as well as cleaning up the existing area in a proper manner to prevent any future
occurrences of mold growth.
Once the threat of mold growth in a home or property has been identified, it is highly
advisable that proper action be taken in the shortest time possible. After all, leaving
mold to fester and grow could potentially affect the structural integrity of the building
while causing a deluge of health issues for the occupants. A mold remediation effort will
normally require a few days for a minor job that involves cleaning and perhaps a
removal of carpeting. However, it might end up taking a few months instead, should
there be demolition and rebuilding involved. The latter would include the removal of
drywall and studs in the event of an extensive mold infestation, while vacuuming the
place with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration.
From what we have gathered, removing mold just from crawl spaces alone will cost
anywhere from half a grand to $4,000. In order to get rid of mold from hard to reach
places such as ducts, walls, and attics, it might burn a $2,000 to $6,000 hole in your
pocket. In a worst case scenario, you might have to fork out a minimum of $10,000 to
$30,000 in order to repair the damaged structural integrity. $30,000 is not the final cost
though, as the sky’s the limit, depending on how widespread the mold infestation has
occurred. Mold Specialist
Mold Removal Cost
Enlisting the help of a professional mould remover is always a welcome move. After all,
the professionals know how to get things done, having gained years of experience in
the process all the way from identification to treatment and removal.
While the fees for mold removal might vary from one company to another, they
generally hover within a specific band. Take a basement room that is 100 square feet in
size – it costs $106 to remove mold from the ceiling and walls, including the sheetrock
material and transportation of waste in sealed bags. Another $500 or so is required to
replace the ceiling and walls, getting them ready for a new coat of paint. As for the
paint, a primer coat and a finish coat will set you back by another $110 thereabouts. Do
remember to make financial provision to clean up the floor and fixtures once the job is
done. Soap and water will not do, since it includes the use of antimicrobial solution and
a careful hand wash of the whole room. Above all, do factor in the labor costs involved
apart from the material cost, and you have a good idea on how much budget to set
aside for mold removal efforts in your home.
While you are able to get the job done by yourself, it is always advisable to enlist a
professional to assess the situation and provide recommendations. After all, you might
miss a spot and end up with a perpetual mold infestation months down the road. You
will then end up with a higher level of frustration as you have not yet figured out how to
eliminate the source of the mold growth. Always set aside a sum of money to hire such
professionals if you would like to make sure your property remains in tip-top, hospitable
conditions. It should be seen as an investment for the ages as opposed to being an
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