A Dallas Mold Remediation Company That Cares

A Dallas Mold Remediation Company That Cares

How to Handle Mold Abatement In Dallas

Getting the mold out of your home or place of business is an essential step in repairing the damage done by flooding or leaks. Mold presents a number of health risks, and it needs to be handled quickly and professionally. You may be able to see many of the ill effects of weather damage on your belongings and building materials, but seeing the mold growth isn’t always as easy.

If you contact us today, we will come to your home or business and give you an assessment of the damage that needs to be repaired. Our professional mold remediators take detailed readings and intricate inspections to fully uncover all mold growth. Mold can grow for weeks and months before it is noticed. All the while, it will be breaking down your walls and floors and causing health problems.

What’s Next?

Mold can grow after leaks or flood waters have caused damage to your home. The problems caused by this water damage may have happened weeks ago and you might not even have noticed the mold growing steadily on your premises.

We will do a thorough mold inspection of the area to ensure that all mold is removed and that no dormant spores are left to come growing back. If mold isn’t removed properly, it could come back to bother you weeks or months later. Using specialized drying equipment, we ensure all water is removed, making it impossible for mold to find some place to latch onto and grow.

Our skilled professionals will be able to get rid of all the mold in the area, discovering every last inch of hidden mold. Mold can hide behind walls and under floors and in your carpets and molding, but we will find it all and remove it for you.

We do more than just mold removal, however. Our full range of services include repairing of drywall, repairing of plumping and electrical fixtures, and any painting and flooring that needs to be done. We can repair all the damage done by mold to your premises.

When there is mold in your home or business, it needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. We provide positive outcomes that you can trust. It might seem easy to get rid of mold yourself, but we recommend you let a professional handle a job like this. Only a professional will have the tools and training to ensure that all mold is removed and won’t be coming back.

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