Water Management and Mold
A man’s home is his castle, and while every care is taken to ensure that there will be no
unlawful entry from the outside, equal attention should also be paid to the structural
integrity of the home. You can have the best furniture and fittings, the latest consumer
electronics that dazzle and bewitch, but poor water management is going to bring
everything to ruin. Each homeowner should take the necessary precautions and steps
to minimize the amount of moisture while redirecting water in order to reduce the risks
of mold developing.
Mold tends to become an issue due to water intrusion, and this has … Read More

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning up Mold
Humans are a species that learns through his mistakes. This has helped us progress
over the centuries to where we are today. It is always better to learn from the mistakes
of others than having to go through the depths and despair of a mistake yourself before
wising up. Proud homeowners who find that they have a mold problem on their hands
might be gung-ho about getting rid of the problem on a Do It Yourself (DIY) basis,
primarily to save cost. If you happen to fall under this category, do take note that other
homeowners in the past … Read More

The Cost of Mold Inspection, Remediation and Removal
You are pleased as punch with your brand new home. The location is fantastic, your
neighbors are wonderful, but there is just one niggling problem that could develop into
something bigger if left untreated – the presence of mold. You have tried all sorts of
home remedies to get rid of the mold, but it keeps on coming back like the irritating buzz
of a mosquito in a tent. It is time to pull out your smartphone and search for a list of
mold removal companies in the area so that they will be able to drop by … Read More

How to Identify Mold vs. Mildew

Let’s face it – nobody likes to live in dark and dank conditions, where both mold and
mildew abound. It is not only unhealthy for the inhabitants, but it also wreaks a
destructive path across the structure as well as the items within the home like food,
leather shoes and coats. Both mold and mildew are considered types of fungi and it will
help if you are able to tell the difference so that the proper and effective treatment can
be dispensed. Mildew is a type of mold, but the same does not apply in the opposite
direction as not all … Read More

When Is Mold Remediation Covered By Home Insurance?
Much of the damage that mold causes is not covered by homeowner insurance policies. If you file a claim for water damage, but you don’t take steps to deal with further damage caused by the water (such as the growth of mold) then you could forfeit the money from your claim. The Mold Remediation Pros can help you with this problem.

We can inspect your premises for you, determining the extent of the water damage and if you need to be worried about mold growth. We also recommend that you have the … Read More

Quickly Identifying And Remediation Mold in Your Home
Mold causes the deterioration of organic matter. Dampness creates ideal conditions for mold, and it feeds off of organic materials such as drywall, wood or cloth. After water damage has occurred, mold can begin growing in as quickly as two days.
When you encounter mold, your ability to breathe properly should be your top concern. Mold can create health problems through the spores it releases into the air. These health issues include breathing difficulties allergic reactions, infections and more. You may be required to evacuate the area when the presence of mold becomes too … Read More

We are happy to announce that our Tucson location will be holding a free mold prevention event on September 6th, 2016.

We will be covering several different ways you can prevent mold from growing in your home.

This will be held at our Tucson office and can fit 50 people.

It starts at 2:00pm and ends at 4:00 pm.

If you would like to attend, please send a request to


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The following are times when mold testing is advisable.

When you are buying a new home, particularly if the home is being sold “as is”
Following flood damage
Once a leak has been found
If you notice mold or smell mold but cannot see it
When you notice stains that you cannot explain on furniture, walls, flooring or carpet
If someone in your home has had a medical problem that has not been explained

The Mold Testing Process
The Mold Assessment
Mold inspectors are usually called in once a customer believes they have a mold infestation. They either smell it or see it or feel the effects … Read More

How to Handle Mold Abatement In Dallas
Getting the mold out of your home or place of business is an essential step in repairing the damage done by flooding or leaks. Mold presents a number of health risks, and it needs to be handled quickly and professionally. You may be able to see many of the ill effects of weather damage on your belongings and building materials, but seeing the mold growth isn’t always as easy.

If you contact us today, we will come to your home or business and give you an assessment of the damage that needs to be repaired. … Read More

Dallas Mold and Mildew FAQ
What Can I Do If I Think I Have Mold but Cannot See It?
If you have signs of water damage in your home or business, you are right to suspect the presence of mold. Mold can grow anywhere there are biological materials, water and humidity. Dallas can be very humid, so you have to be careful. The mold can grow behind walls or under the floor where you cannot see it, but it can still affect you. We have made this FAQ to help you learn more about mold.
How much mold does it take … Read More

How to choose a great mold removal expert

Commonsense approach to getting the right help

If you are like the “average” homeowner, the minute you detect some Mold in your basement, you’ll probably bring out the mop and disinfectant and start scrubbing away. If you did, no one would fault you. That’s the “typical” reaction most homeowners have when they first discover the signs of mold.

The “typical” reaction is often not the right one though. Mold is tough, and doesn’t often go away easily. Mold is deadly, with even the slightest vibrations sending it airborne into your face and the rest … Read More

The risks far outweigh the rewards!
You know how to drive your car – and you’ve done it well over many decades without any accidents. Good for you! You are also very adept at using your computer. You can apply the latest patches, upgrade your operating system and even add/delete devices onto your home network. That’s indeed a great achievement!

So, given all those accomplishments, does it mean you are ready to repair your own car or fix your own PC? Hardly! And the same applies to DIY mold removal. Read on to learn why it may not be such a good … Read More

The most common sources of house mold

Harmful indoor Mold sources

Mold is often the unseen enemy within our homes. Craftily, it finds an ideal nook that it calls home, and from there it can gradually grow and expand its reach. And because it comes up on us unknown, if left unchecked, Mold can lead to deadly consequences, not just for the structure but its inhabitants too. Chronically ill family members, young children, the elderly and infirm, and even the family pets, are not spared from the effects of Mold.

Read on to learn more about some common sources of house Mold.

The … Read More

A little goes a long with with mold prevention
Small steps today, to keep the pest at bay!

Mold is a vicarious destroyer of property value. More importantly, once homeowners allow their property to be infested with mold, chances are that extra care and vigilance will be needed for years to come, in order to prevent it from making a comeback. The best play therefore is proactive prevention!

Here are a few steps that you can follow in order to prevent the growth of mold in your home.

Humidity control

Mold thrives when the humidity levels are high in the home. The most common … Read More

The dangers of living in a house with mold problems

Sometimes unseen…always lethal!

Environmentalists categorize Mold as a type of fungus which is present in nature and is almost ubiquitous in where it’s found. Spores of mold, which are microscopic seeds, are present virtually in any environment, including in our homes, in the form of general dust that lays around un-disturbed.

Uninvited guests

Like any other fungi, Mold lives, eats and grows, which can be extremely deadly when it co-resides in a home with people in it too. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that there is sufficient evidence to … Read More

What is Black Mold?

Where does it grow?
Black mold can grow in areas with water damage, such as basements, … Read More