What Is Black Mold?


What Is Black Mold?

What is Black Mold?

Where does it grow?

Black mold can grow in areas with water damage, such as basements, laundry rooms, or other spaces where water has been allowed to collect. Mold thrives in areas of high moisture.

Black patches on the walls and molding are indicative of black mold’s presence. Mold is particularly likely to be in corners and crevices. Mold grows into these crevices, seeping behind walls and panels.

Black mold tend to grow in definitive patterns, usually in a circular formation. On drier areas, the mold may change its formation as it attempts to grow. Black model will be slimy in areas where there is water present. On dry areas, the black mold will be sooty and dry. These latter spots are an indicator that the area once received moisture.

Can Black Mold Harm Me?

Black mold may cause skin irritations, congestion, sinus issues and tiredness. See if your family members suffer from any of these symptoms to tell if there is black mold present in the house. If one of your family members has had these symptoms for a long time, without signs of getting better, there may be black mold present in the home.

A licensed inspector will be able to find black mold effectively and can tell you if there is mold present in your home. An inspector would typically do a thorough investigation of the premises, looking at inner walls, under floors, beneath carpeting, and in ceiling tiles.

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