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Mold Is An Indicator of a BIGGER Problem

What causes the mold?
When you find mold, it usually means there is a moisture problem or a water leak. The best way to deal with mold dealing with it immediately, leaving it up to the professionals to treat the root cause. Don’t leave this up to chance, have us take care of it for you.

How we can help YOU
We offer a variety of services to help get your house back to normal. We clean, sanitize, and get rid of the odor caused by mold and mildew. Our expertise allows us to do this in a fast and effective way so you don’t have to worry about any problems popping up again.

Don’t try this yourself!
Sometimes people will try to deal with their problems by themselves. It often ends up getting worse because the original problem that caused the mold was not dealt with. Don’t be one of these people! Bleach is not a good solution because it won’t help with moisture. Using lamps to dry out the affected areas only will help you in the short run, and it can damage the surfaces it’s used on.



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Mold Facts

How Molds Harm Your Health

Next to pollens, molds are the number one cause of airborne allergies from outside sources. Molds can grow in any season. If you are being affected by mold, you will likely have one of the following symptoms: irritated eyes, tiredness, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, wheezing, the symptoms of a cold or flu, or nasal issues.
If these symptoms persist with no sign of getting better, it is likely that mold is to blame. Mold can also aggravate asthma and complicate your current health issues. Some lung diseases can also be caused by mold, as can various infections.  People who work with hay are susceptible to severe ill effects from mold. This can include hay fever or difficulty breathing.
Molds can also produce toxins known as mycotoxins. These can harm human health when present in large amounts. They may also activate allergy symptoms like irritation in the eyes, coughing, asthma, breathing troubles, sneezing, itchiness, skin rashes and more.
Mold exposure has also been suggested as a cause for the issues that negatively affect the mucous membranes, irritating them and degrading the substrates.  Mold produces volatiles that can seep into the membrane of the nasal cavities and harm them. Other symptoms could include headaches, tiredness and nausea.
Some people are sensitive to various chemicals. When mold is present it can cause dramatic reactions that are similar to reactions brought on by hazardous chemicals.
Fungal organisms can create a number of health issues that are very close to allergies, so far as the symptoms they can cause. Aspergillus fungi are capable of creating allergic reactions and causing infections in people who are susceptible to them. They can get inside the lungs and nasal cavities and coalesce into a dense shape known as a “fungus ball”. Aspergillus are especially dangerous to people with health issues and harm both the lungs and the entire body.
Sometimes being exposed to fungus can trigger an illness called allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. This mostly affects people who suffer from asthma. The symptoms include wheezing, light fever, and expelling brown phlegm.
A diagnosis for this disease can be ascertained through testing of the skin, blood work and x-rays. The examination also calls for an inspection of the sputum. It can be treated with corticosteroid drugs. Traditional allergy shots and other forms of immunotherapy are typically not effectual at treating it. When allergic aspergillosis occurs, it can be indicative of vulnerability to fungus.